Great gig on March 24th at Ichabod’s Dockside

Robin and Eddy and the Secrets had a great gig on March 24th at Ichabod’s Dockside.  Check back here to see our next date in May.

Titanic Proportions, Robin and Eddy and the Secrets’ new release is leaving the dock, and launching onto the high web seas by music video on April 13…one hundred years later.  Bill Williams from A Cut Above Video is busy putting it together.  Final shooting:  Sunday, April Fools Day… A coincidence?  I don’t think so…

The music track Titanic Proportions is being engineered at the Zone Productions by the talented Mark Brasel.  Late nights and mixing sessions still to come.  Yeehaa!

Trace, at Masterlab in Orlando, will be doing the final mastering of Titanic and remastering  our original CD, “Masters of Love”.  The crunch is on!!

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