Band's Bio

Robin Krasny and Eddy Fischer began their musical odyssey performing their original music only three days after their first fateful meeting in December 1995 at the famous “Java The Hut” coffeehouse! Choosing band names, working up harmonies, tweaking lyrics, adding instrumentals and getting to know each other, the first weeks and months of their togetherness proved to be challenging, yet, mysteriously familiar. “Earth to Eddy, Robin Here!” was their first band name, for reasons that were very clear at the time. Robin, being a health and fitness guru, took Eddy on as an experiment in transformation, getting him on Sunrider Herbal Foods and teaching him some yoga. At Christmas of that year, Eddy called from Denny Doherty’s, (Mamas and Papas ) house in Canada to tell Robin that he could finally remember the words to his songs from 20 years before!Something was working!! Both Robin and Denny were thrilled!

Robin and Eddy became “Ancient Chinese Secrets”, a code of sorts, to describe the yin/yang quality of their voices and energies, and to give homage to the Law of the Five Elements of ancient Chinese Medicine that Robin personally practices. In 1996, the name was shortened to, simply, “The Secrets,” and Robin and Eddy were well on their way to performing their way across the country.

‘The Secrets’ then descended upon Los Angeles, playing every open mic and club they could find. They soon met a producer, an insane one, who shot a Coffee House documentary which included 13 of their original songs. It was then decided that “The Secrets” were to be forever known as Robin and Eddy.

Upon their return to Florida, they produced and wrote the original musical “The Light Show,” a multi-sensory adventure, which lead the audience in a healing journey and included Aromatherapy, Light and Sound Therapy, original music and poetry, and the Crystal Bowls.

Robin was able to integrate her knowledge of wholistic healing, entertainment and education into a theatrical musical with Eddy’s help, and it was a huge success in 1997 and 1998.

In May, 1999, Robin’s sweetheart was hit by a truck and killed in a hit and run, while Robin and Eddy were busy writing, performing, and putting the finishing touches on their first album, Masters of Love. Denny came down to sing with them at their CD release party, which was bittersweet, since Denny had very recently lost his wife, Jen, to cancer.

From then to now, Robin and Eddy have performed all over the United States and Canada, (including at their friend, Denny’s wake and memorial.) Their songs have touched the souls of people around the globe, and they continue after all this time, to have a creative partnership that has lasted longer than any of their ‘relationships’!

With the addition of their talented new bandmates, Robin and Eddy have cranked up the vibe, added the edge, and re-incarnated as Robin and Eddy and the Secrets!