Brian Pridemore - Drums/Vocals

Brian Pridemore grew up in Augusta, Georgia, playing music from an early age. He and his brother Patrick, a professional French Horn player in NYC, were raised in an enriched and eclectic musical environment.

Brian excelled at percussion, and is today, one of the most sought-after percussionists on the Space Coast of Florida, playing with the Melbourne Municipal Band, Hal Gibson’s Wind Ensemble, Central Florida Winds, The Space Coast Symphony Orchestra, Melbourne Community Orchestra, Charlie Almeida’s Jazz Orchestra, Swingtime Band, and various Jazz/Dixieland/Rock groups.

Brian has mad skills on tympani, mallets and anything percussion! He has a superb voice and perfect pitch.. and you can’t beat THAT with a stick!! (although…Brian could!)

As one of the Secrets, he offers his steady beat and creativity to the backbone of the band. He’s dabbled in Independent Film making, having played a ‘bad guy’ in two films already. One of them, “Time Served,” a futuristic Sci-Fi film, has already won awards here in the state of Florida!

In his super-secret life, Brian works as an inspector and technical writer for General Physics Corp, keeping our space industry and environment safe from things that could explode!

Thanks Brian!