Eddy Fischer - Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist

Eddy Fischer is a songwriting/singing/guitar-playing force to be reckoned with. Starting in the music business in 1964, Eddy performed and recorded with legendary greats such as Barry MacGuire, (Eve Of Destruction), Bob Gibson, Fred Neill and Vince Martin, and Denny Doherty of the Mamas and the Papas. Signed with ABC Dunhill Records in Los Angeles in the 70’s, Eddy put his ‘new kid on the block’ talent to work creating the still amazing album, “Whatcha Gonna Do” with Denny Doherty and Linda Woodward.

Eddy moved back to Florida as a single father to raise his only daughter…(that he knows of), Abagale Fischer, which was no easy task, since the apple did NOT fall far from the tree! Abby is also a songwriting/singing force! Unbridled pure passion and spiritual energy flow through her house music, deep tracks and Melt Psybient shows. She grew up, after all, Eddy’s daughter, singing and performing fearlessly for anyone who would listen. Again… the apple! And she’s living and spinning her music in NYC, the biggest apple of all!

Eddy found Robin, through a series of bizarre coincidences, and they began performing as a musical dynamic duo only 3 days after they met, in December of 1995. Since that fateful day,music has poured through them, entertaining thousands of people of all ages all  over the world. Their first album, “Masters of Love” has had a few incarnations, and continues to uplift and inspire those lucky enough to have it or download the digital files.

The late Denny Doherty of the Mamas and Papas was a very close friend and musical partner to Eddy and then, later, Robin. He added his rare and gorgeous voice and side splitting humor to a number of recordings, interviews and live performances, including their CD release concert in 1999 to benefit “The Haven” for children. Robin and Eddy played at Denny’s wake, his memorial in LA at the Roxy, and in Toronto at his tribute concert with friends from all over the world, including Denny’s ‘Dream Band’, and good friends, Bud Fanton, Gabreal Franklin, Paul LeDoux, and Pat and Dana LaCroix.

Eddy continues to dazzle audiences with his energy, childlike spirit, and generosity. His musical cup runneth over and he is grateful to have his partner, Robin, to keep him gloriously humble!