Robin and Eddy and The Secrets' Bio

Robin and Eddy and the Secrets sprang into being sometime in 2011.  Robin and Eddy were feeling the urge to birth something with a bit more edge, a call to the wild, and a cure for their debilitating narcolepsy!

Robin, out of courtesy, asked her brother, Scott Krasny, if he would be remotely interested in playing with Robin and Eddy.  He had listened to their music for over a decade, but she really wasn’t sure, with his busy workout schedule and lawyer life, if he would be up for it. She wanted to give him the shot before calling on the other bassists on her list.  Much to her surprise, Scott was enthusiastically ‘in.’

Brian Pridemore, percussionist extraordinaire, had already played on the studio recording of Robin and Eddy’s, “Hey, Little Apple,” and was first on Robin and Eddy’s short list of little drummer boys.  He signed on, and rehearsals began immediately.

Always up for a musical challenge, the boys had to learn Robin and Eddy’s original music, and swiftly, the Secrets sound began to take shape.

This new sound required new equipment, new vocal challenges arose, as did many things that the acoustic duo of Robin and Eddy had not encountered in their 17 years together.  Even scheduling a rehearsal required much more effort.

While Eddy, Brian, and Scott had many rock bands over the years, Robin was not used to the increase in overall volume, though the rhythm moved her dancing soul deeply and to the core.

The result is simply entertaining and delightful, and the crowds love them.  Even hard core Robin and Eddy fans enjoy the new sound, though many still request an acoustic number or two from time to time during a set.

Robin and Eddy and the Secrets have been diligently recording their all-new music.  TITANIC PROPORTIONS, to be released as a digital download and music video, will be their global debut into the wonderful world of rock and roll.  The satirical and biting, “I CARE” will follow shortly behind the Titanic, pursued by a wave of original tunes, sure to entertain a wide berth of musical tastes.