Robin Krasny - Singer/Songwriter/Flute/Clarinet/Pennywhistle/Piano

Multi-talented, multi-dimensional Robin Krasny is a very busy girl. Robin is truly a renaissance woman, whose passion, besides music, is practicing wholistic healing arts, like yoga, Qi Gong, massage therapy, aromatherapy, herbal nutrition, dance and meditation for nearly 30 years, and loves teaching those arts to others, especially children.

A member of the Melbourne Municipal Band since birth, (her mother was a founding member), Robin enjoys playing clarinet, percussion, conducting and narrating or singing when the opportunity calls. Her family, she fondly refers to as The Von Kraz Family singers, gather round the piano at Krazmas time and sing carols. She proudly calls her brothers, nieces and nephews, up on stage to sing and play with Robin and Eddy and the Secrets, or perform during breaks.

When she’s not playing, singing, teaching or practicing some ancient breathing technique, she’s working in the film industry, acting, producing, writing, wrangling, doing voice-overs and makeup. She has been referred to by fellow cast and crew as the “swiss army knife of production” and the most ‘healing hands’ on the set.

Having graduated from University of Florida with a psychology degree, teaching yoga at the University, then continuing on to study healing, death/dying, and grieving, Robin was inspired to create a new form of edutainment, writing/acting/producing a multi-sensory healing arts musical called “THE LIGHT SHOW” with Eddy in 1997 and 1998. But, not even that knowledge and education prepared her for the sudden and tragic death of her sweetheart, Jean-Pierre, in 1999. The CD Masters of Love was in production, at that time, and it was dedicated to his memory.

Through the years of healing that followed, many poems and songs were birthed. Robin was nominated for International Poet of the Year in 2008, and continues to write for personal transformation. She has become an avid photographer and is putting her poetry together with her photos. She is in the throws of multiple projects, and has written children’s stories and over 50 songs on the piano.

The transition from acoustic duo, sometimes trio, (with Denny, of the Mamas and the Papas) to full blown rock and roll is obviously an adjustment, “but the fans dig it!I still love it when we do a quiet acoustic piece…just Eddy and I, but the energy of the rock and roll moves me…I’m quite the dancin’ fool!”