Scott Krasny - Bass/Vocals

Scott Krasny, legendary brother to Robin, has his roots deeply planted into music, playing, writing and singing. Scott began playing trumpet at an early age, picked up the bass and guitar, and like most everything else he does, ‘he puts his whole self in’…(hokey pokey style!)

Scott fronted his band “KRAZ” joined by 2 other brothers, Keith Krasny, (guitar/keys/vocals) formerly of the Pishrogues, in France, and Glenn “Kraz” Krasny (drums/guitar/parody writer and current sound guy for Robin and Eddy and the Secrets).

In the 80’s, big hair was in… and Scott had it; playing his bass/singing/writing and doubling for Jim Morrison!The girls had already gone wild!

These days, what Scott has given up in the Hair Dept, he has more than made up for in the Endurance and Muscle Depts, having recently completed the “Ironman” and multiple triathlons. Scott is also a 2nd degree black-belt in Tai Kwon Do, and studied forms of Kung Fu and Jujitsu.

When the mild-mannered attorney steps out of his 3-piece suit from the courtroom to the stage, you can expect “Super Bass Man” to be jumping on and off various speakers and chairs, and rockin’ it with his unique vocal stylings! Not only can he sue you, he could kill you with his bare hands, but he’d rather sing you a song or two!

PS. He doubles as Robin’s bodyguard!